Gabriel has always thought of himself as a free thinker. He believes that each moment can have orgasms of  truths that can compel us to change the course of our lives. As a young man from the University of  the Philippines,  Diliman, he spent his time walking in the shadows of the great Rain Trees of the  University Avenue and thought of how beautiful life is. He still feels that same amazement now  that he is older.

After spending half a decade in Singapore involved in amazing design projects in Asia, Gabriel has decided to live in another part of the world to discover new values to better understand culture, architecture, and history. He is in search of common threads in time and places that bind each one of us as a global culture.

He is as optimistic as always, to discover parcels of truth that will provide him better appreciation of the past which hopefully, will give clues to viable solutions for the future.


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