Sand and Sun: Boracay Fun

i had a nice time at my “vacation” at Boracay and Puerto Galera. Here are things that I discovered in my stay in these beaches:


1. the sand is really as white and as fine as they describe it. the beach is crystal clear the    landscape is picturesque. the most fantastic thing happened to me there, two fishes in the beach were playing with me as if they were not scared that i could smash them. i even touched their tails.

2. the people are  beautiful, (ok… not all but a lot)  maybe because everyone expects everyone else should look hot so they enter this bandwagon.everyone wears board shorts for guys and bikinis for girls. shades are a must. sosyalera girls are always around and foreigners abound.

3. everything is more expensive in boracay. i bought a pair of shorts in boracay worth P250 but got it for P 189 because of charming the salesladies but as i later found out when i went to puerto galera, that same pair only costs P120. talk about rip off.

4. it is only here that you will see a gorgeous gal, almost naked and walking in the side streets as if she wore pambahay and strutting her stuff as if no one sees her hot bod. in bora, you can get away with anything. good thing she’s hot. if she were some grotesque creature, it would have been a nightmare.

5. the best thing about all that happened is that its all for free. rest and recreation with pay really makes me say, “whew, this is the life!” If i spent for all the things that i did, it would be equivalent to 3 months for a manual laborer.

funny, my firm might go there again in the next few months for another company outing. it seems my boss has a lot of money to spare to make us a bit more comfortable. of course, not all the expenses will come from his own pocket though. clients and contractors are the ones who actually pay for it.hehehe. The next time i go there, i will be more prepared: i will bring the damn Digicam. (my boss psychologically wanted me to suffer the time i went there. he retrieved the company camera at the last moment he was about to leave. such a spoiler.)

this is getting too long and too tiring even for me to write ( i’ve saved this three times now before i actually published it and the moment totally has passed.) puerto galera stories just have to be written on another day with a different mood perhaps. although, to compare the two, i enjoyed my time more in puerto galera because we did a lot of things there and i had my whole bunch of officemates with me to explore and experience. boracay is a nice place but because i was alone and workinig in the morning, i didnt fully enjoy it. the scene was good and the projected enjoyment was immense but vacations need to be spent with somebody. it becomes meaningless without anyone to talk to and relate your experience.

transferred from Friendster Blog written last 14 May 2006



hihi.. should that somebody feel lucky or the other way?? nahh.. kidding.. of course, youre nice and cool.


reading this post makes me imagine how things really look like when you’re there…hahaha.kainggit!sama mo naman kami sa mga lakad mo…hehehe.