Opening My Eyes To A New Experience

12 November 2010
Fraser island, Australia

My trip in Australia has been an eye opener. Similar to Singapore, Australia is a multi-cultural society with Asians, Australians of European descent, native Australian mixing into one homogeneous society. They say Australians have a racial divide but I was not able to feel it for the seven days that I am here. As a tourist, I guess it is hard to tell. I was able to interact with one Filipino working in the airport link. I had a general feeling he liked it here. And I think this place is easy to like.

Singapore has taught me to be open to the possibilities of homogeneity and I see this place not just in a Filipino’s eyes but in the eyes of a man who believes in global citizenship. I am a man of the world and I respect each place’s inherent beauty. Every place provides a certain joy and charm that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. I take the beauty of this place as well as it’s faults as part of it’s charm.

Here in Fraser island lies the epitome of zoning out and relaxing. I find myself hanging out in front of this lake in the middle of the afternoon just listening to my Bali Dua music and looking at the birds and the sky. This place looks serene, unpretentious and beautiful. Without the luxury of the noisy activities of the city, this place calms my mind and opens it up to the possibilities of my new job. By the time I come back to Singapore, I will be working in a new company. I will tackle different challenges and meet new colleagues. I don’t feel any hesitations nor nervousness even though it’s only three days from now. I see it as the right time and the right experience. I see it as an opening of a new and exciting path of my life.

I will leave this place with only good things to say about Australia. I carry with me a relaxed mind, an anticipation of the future, a respect for transitional time and the amazement of the wonders of this beautiful landscape.

Thank you Jose for sharing this place with me.