Breaking free from the digital world

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that Friendster will disappear by the end of May. Searching the internet, ABS-CBN news wrote down that Friendster is closing down. I quickly found another venue to save my blogs before it got erased from internet history. Thanks to WordPress, my blogs were saved before the due date. Come May 31st- NOTHING HAPPENED. Apparently, just like Harold Camping’s Rapture prediction, Friendster is still there and all my testimonials, my blogs and my photos are still preserved in the website.

These days, I don’t know what to believe anymore when it comes to news in theinternet. We receive emails of help from people we know, apparently spam mail from hackers. We see Photoshoped movie stars doing strange acts  or showing something engorged and exaggerated. We receive stories of poor people from far flung areas in need of financial support wanting us to contribute to their welfare and we also receive promises of easy cash over internet jobs that I’m sure will have a certain catch.

We are bombarded by information that leaves us confused. What is reality? We have false notions of our status in the world with how much friends we have in Facebook. I must admit, I have 500 friends in the website but I can only count the true friends that I have. Others are meer observers of my life, or vice versa. We are living in a world where we feel connected to each other but without any particular strength to the things that bind us. Continue reading


Saving Testimonials of the Past

You probably have noticed that I have been transferring content of my blogs from friendster. It is a tedious process and I can’t imagine if I blogged more, how much more effort it will take to save all the blogs before friendster closes by the end of May. Friendster in a way reminds me of the raw experience of social media. It had no privacy issues and people just write a testimonial hoping that the other person would also write something meaningful in your wall. Testimonials were like living and breathing slumbooks engraving impressions to the social consciousness. Nowadays, you will be lucky to get a simple comment of “Wow!” or of course, its more insensitive partner LIKE. No words need to be mentioned, just a simple click and that contains that general notion of approval.

Testimonials, the way i see it, are micro archaic concept. No one does it these days because it has become too personal and too public. Why is that so? Saying, “I really enjoyed my time with you” in friendster will have a different meaning when you say it in facebook.  We really are experiencing a new world order.

To reminisce the past and save my friends’ most memorable words, I am saving it here with my other blogs. I do hope that I don’t have to salvage my blogs again any time soon though. Thoughts are precious and I have this general sense that every time I transfer the blog it diminishes its meaning, its relevance becomes less important and I am just doing it to preserve what I think are important but to anyone else, it is just random thoughts that need not be saved. I still want to preserve these thoughts because they remain as landmarks in my mind. Some things you just can’t forget. The feeling should always remain inscribed and remembered so that we will always know where we have been through and it gives a glimpse that whatever happens, life will always get better.

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