A Quiet Walk on the Beach of Panglao


After six months of working in my firm, I embarked on another trip to the Visayas. After going to Nasugbu Batangas, Bay Laguna, Mactan Cebu, Tagaytay, Puerto Galera, and Boracay since April i headed to Panglao Island Bohol last September 25.  It is quite a charming place where relaxation is the only thing that would be in my mind even if i had to go there for official business for the office. The people, even the owner, is pretty laid back. We talk bout business and enjoy the good food prepared and served by Reggie Aspiras, the PDI columnist/celebrity chef/culinary school owner,  who is improving the quality of the resort’s menu (She is one really good chef, makes me wonder why i never pursued to be one).

I was full to my stomach for the two days that i stayed there and I will always remember that rice can be served in a salad – cold and with grapes and that ube can be eaten in a soup, as chips, as part of rice aside from the jam that we frequently eat when we go to Baguio or Laguna. Very satisfying indulgence. I had to go to the gym the next day to burn it all off.

Panglao, as most would describe it is a place very different from boracay. There is a rustic quality to the place that makes you realize that this is a breather that you need, out from the busy riots of manila. It has a soothing feel where you can just lounge around, meditate and think that you are detoxifying. If you are young, energetic and looking for that hot guy or girl for that vacation excapade, better go to boracay because this place is really meant just to relax. I didnt hear any loud music at night nor see a busy avenue along the beach, like what they have in the long stretch of boracay. What i saw was a quiet beach, high tide, with purple jelly fish stranded in the shoreline. A small reclaimed island was near the shore. Darkness engulfed the beach, except for some bollard lights to give some illumination.

Every time I go to some far away place, these are all that i remember: The touch, the smell, the sound, the feeling. For me, it is a sensual experience, I do not think of my plans when i go back to manila and there is no point in doing that when you get out of the metro. I walk a little slower, dream a little bit more and wish for more days of bliss. Those are the things that get me through this hectic life of mine. I have moments when i lose all conscious thoughts and i start to drift into this semi dreamland of hopes and aspirations; where there are no worries, only dreams of a well lived life. Carpe Diem.

transferred from Friendster Blog written 30 Sep 2006


Joel brujahharpy@yahoo.com:

Reading this makes me want to put my arm around your head and ruffle your hair. Dream on.

I am wondering if it was Gabriel who threw out Adam and Eve from Eden. Then it would be Gabriel’s Paradise. The literary / cultural allusion would be beautiful.