Sporty Adventures

As part of my newly found freedom from weekend work discussed in my last blog, I started to define what I loved doing to make my life more exciting here in Singapore. Here there are five major things that people do here after work – gym, movies, shop, sports and travel. My Singaporean friend told me the Chinese term for a  specific group of people who loves doing some special sort of thing  is “Pai” (pronounced as pie) meaning “type”. As I realize, I am a what she calls an Adventure/Sporty Pai.

MacRitchie Reservoir

A month or so ago, I was with my friend Katre (I call her Katrina  now – It  seems that Singaporeans would rather call you in your formal name rather than your nick name) and we went Kayaking at Macritchie Reservoir to kayak. It was quite a nice experience to try it out costing $10 per kayak for two, we raced among her church mates in the allowable kayaking part of the reservoir. As any group would do in a sporty activity, we raced to and fro. It was a fun activity but I must say the vests were kinda icky smelling. Its the oniony smell that all of us know some people excrete. Medyo mabaho talaga sila dito lalo na yung mga Indian.

We had our next sporty adventure two weeks ago in Pulau Ubin, a small island of Singapore that is already near Malaysia. You will actually get the Malaysian  signal in your handphone when you reach the place by ferry.  Pulau Ubin is a place where people go for biking. My friends, this is not Quezon Memorial Circle I am talking about. It has quite difficult terrain with slopes, bridges and forest trails. Old village type houses that you wont see in the main island of Singapore is seen here. (Think of abaranggay in Laguna complete with vegetable patch and wood and plywood construction) There  are quarries that you can go to and a coral reefs place at south eastern tip of the island. The coral reefs area is what they call Chek Jawa Wetlands which has a view of Malaysia and corals are actually seen there during low tide. A mangrove forest is also in the place. Quite a worth while place to go but very very difficult to go to. You will really have to test yourself for endurance because the forest trails had a lot of different uphill and downhill slopes. Cost of ferry from Changi Village is S$2 one way and the bike rentals are around S$6 to S$10.

forest adventureFinally, last Thursday during the celebration of the Deepavali holiday (The Indian Festival of Lights), me  and some of my colleagues went to Forest Adventure in Bedok Reservoir. It was a ropes course with zip lines and obstacle suspended a few meters above ground. It had a grand course that 4 main stations and it also had a kid’s course. It will take you 1.5 to 2 hours to finish the adult course. I felt my body stretch after the finishing the grand course but i was smiling the whole time because it was so fun to do especially with groups. As I told my Japanese colleague, “Hiroto, you can shout if you wanted to. We are allowed to do that here.” The only thing he could muster was a”Haammph” said in a very conservative manner. This wasn’t so cheap though – S$25 for adults for the grand course.

For my next adventure, I still haven’t planned yet but I’m pretty sure there are more to come. Would bunggie jumping  or sky diving be a good  idea?  I heard that  it was offered in Malaysia. =)

transferred from Friendster Blog written 10 Nov 2007



wwooohhhhoooo asteg. so katrina na pala ang tawag mo kay madam hahaha! langya buti at holiday sa inyo ung deepavali d2 wala man lang pero sinicelebrate din nman ng mga pana. sana maksama naman ako sa mga adventures nyo char!


OO, ako si Gabriel, Siya si Katrina. Napapalingon na ko ngayon pag may nagsabi ng “Gbril”.

Dati, sanay na ko sa gabby, gabs, gwapo. Hahahaha!

Naalala ko lang na dito pala, boss o secretary tinatawag mo sa first name. Walang sir sir.